6 Essential Exercise Tips to Get Your 6 Pack


In a recent study, it was shown that having a 6 pack was the consensus weight loss/body goal for most of the contestants involved. That is not surprising because once the winter finally ends and its time to show what you got there is no bigger statement than having chiseled abs. Whether you're going to the beach, vacation or going to any function where the skin is in, having a rockhard abdominal region is always the best fashion choice. However, like most things in life, if it were that easy everyone would be doing it. Getting the body of your dreams takes a lot of hard work and dedication and even more importantly it takes doing the right type of exercise and sticking to a very organized routine and schedule. It is very important that we understand that exercise alone is not enough to sculpt the body you've been longing for, it will take discipline, healthy eating, and will power. If you have the right mindset, follow those guidelines and truly want to get your dream summer body, we have composed 6 exercise tips to help you get the 6 pack of your dreams.

Tip 1: Encompass a regular routine

Studies have demonstrated that people who have a set routine are more likely to stick to their health-related goals and accomplish them.

1) Set up a routine that works with your schedule:

If you are going to get the results you want, you won't be able to accomplish them by winging your workouts. By setting up a very stringent routine that works around your daily schedule you are more likely to succeed. As most of us have a set schedule it shouldn't be hard to decide whether you want to workout before or after work, once you determine what works best for you set a standard time in your daily routine. Weekends will definitely be the hardest to work around, so it is suggested that you try to integrate those workouts in the morning so you have the whole day ahead of you to do as you please.

2) Start off slow;

It has been shown that trying to jump into a rigorous workout routine is not as effective as slowly ramping up your workout frequency. Rome wasn't built in a day and its the same story with your 6 pack. It is suggested you start off at working out 2-3x in the week and as each week goes on in the first month add an additional day into your work out routine until you are working out 4-5x a week.

Tip 2: Set up weekly goals

It has been shown that you will be more likely to adhere to your exercise routine if you set weekly goals and actively try to attain them.

1) Make your goals realistic

If you set realistic weekly goals you are more likely to achieve your goals and that in turn will keep you motivated to keep going

2) Your goals don't have to be related to physical findings:

Many people when they think about setting goal they automatically think "how many pounds do I want to lose" or "how many inches have I lost". It is very important to remember that for example setting a goal of "I will workout 4-5x this week" is just as important as the direct weight loss goals.


Tip 3: Work the whole body

By working out your entire body and not solely focusing on as you will help improve overall fitness and will have a more proportioned and better-looking figure.

1) Increasing overall body muscle mass helps increase metabolism and in turn, helps your body burn more fat at rest

2) By working out the whole body and not overworking the abdominal region you will be able to get better results and decrease the chance of injury to your core.


Tip 4: Incorporate High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into your workout

High-intensity interval training allows you to be able to burn calories at an expeditious rate. The basic premise behind High-Intensity Interval Training is that you complete bouts of High-Intensity exercise and alternate that with periods of low-intensity exercise or rest. HIIT has been shown to help you decrease body fat and keep lean muscle as well as helping your cardiovascular system improve. Below are some things to consider when starting HIIT;

1) Your HIIT ratio

This is the ratio between how long you exercise and how long you rest. It is suggested that for beginners you start with a HIIT ratio of 1:3. This means that if you are running at full speed for 1 minute that you should follow that up with 3 minutes of rest. As you improve your cardio and overall physical fitness you can work towards going to a 1:1 ratio which entails one minute or running followed by 1 minute of rest. *** One-minute intervals are being used for simplicity the amount of time you conduct your High-intensity interval is based on your own physical fitness.

2) How long should one HIIT session be:

One HIIT session should last anywhere from 20-60 minutes and is dependent on your physical fitness. Also, it is important to remember that rest periods are also included in the duration mentioned above.


Tip 5: Don't over-train

The old saying sometimes more is less holds true when it comes to working out your abs. It might make sense that the more you work out the quicker you're going to reach your dream abs, however for this does not hold true!

1) Your body needs time to recover:

It might seem like a good idea to do your ab routine everyday but for the same reason that it isn't advised to workout your chest every day the same holds true for abs. You muscles after a workout your body helps repair and replace muscle fibers if you are not allowing your muscles to recover not only do you become an impediment in this process, you are also more likely to sustain an injury.

2) You should do abdominal exercises 2-3/ week:

For best result try implementing your abdominal workout routine every other day. This will allow your body to rest and recover while you work towards your sculpted figure. Remember, working on abdominal muscles wont reduce the fat around the waist but will help shape them. To reduce your waistline fat, our biggest tip is next!


Tip 6: Focus on Nutrition

Although this may not be an exercise tip, it is the most important aspect involved in getting you those rockhard abs.

1) Preparation

Although we've already highlighted how important routine is in continuing your exercise program the same holds true with nutrition. Preparing what you will have is the sure-fire way to ensure your meals will always be healthy and on time. Consistency is crucial on your journey to seeing your abs so it is always a good idea to plan when and what you are going to eat to prevent you from bingeing out on late night snacks or eating too much at one time.

2) Eat a Balanced Diet

Always follow a balanced and nutritious diet. It may seem that you've been told this so many times, but the fact of the matter is that if we had adhered to the diet we probably would already be at the beach showing off our stuff. There are some specific foods that are known to help lose weight and get you towards your 6 pack. Be sure to include all types of foods, so you don't get bored of eating the same old stuff.



These 6 tips are recommended by our specialist and utilised by nearly anyone who understands what it takes to see your abs. Reaching the goal of having a 6 pack does not happen overnight, but with slight modifications following the guides listed here, you’ll begin to work towards these goals without realising. It is important to know the basics of getting your 6 pack so that you work smart and move closer to your goal.


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