The Yorkville Sports Medicine Clinic is proud to provide the highest quality services 




Our team of healthcare providers collaborate to provide the therapy that is right for you. Whether you are looking to relax and have a massage or have injured yourself and require rehabilitation from our physical therapists, we will work with you each step of the way to help you reach your healthcare goals.



Our team of physiotherapists will do their best to help you get back to feeling great. Whether you’ve hurt yourself playing sports, slipped and fell, were in a car accident or perhaps you just woke up and are experiencing pain we will use the latest most evidence-based research to get you back on your feet.

The experts here at the Yorkville Sports Medicine Clinic will evaluate your areas of concern and come up with a comprehensive treatment plan to optimize results. Once they have formulated how they will improve your condition they will use the latest technology coupled with tried and true physiotherapy protocols to make you feel better faster!


Massage Therapy

Who doesn’t love a great massage? Our massage therapists have many techniques to help you relax and refresh. By using the specific techniques based on your preference you can almost be certain that you will leave our clinic feeling much better. We are able to offer many massage styles including but not limited to; Swedish, Kneading, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, compression massage and deep tissue relaxation to name a few.  All of our therapists are fully licensed and registered with the College Of Massage Therapists of Ontario and have extensive knowledge in all of these techniques.


Chiropractic care

As part of the Yorkville Sports Medicine Clinic team, chiropractors help play a pivotal role in getting you back into your regular routine. If you are feeling neck, mid-back or low back pain our spinal healthcare specialists will help address your concerns and provide the appropriate therapy for you.

Our chiropractors will conduct a full in-depth assessment and help provide you with a diagnosis. Once they are able to establish what is causing your symptoms they will outline a complete and tailored program made specifically for your needs. Here at the Yorkville Sports Medicine Clinic, our team of manual therapists make it a point to guide treatment based on empirical evidence and the most recent literature, so we can have you feeling great in no time!


In-Home Therapy

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to get out of the house, sometimes you just want to stay in the comfort of your own home. We understand that it can be very tough to take time out of your busy schedule and get the treatment you need, whether you’re stuck with kids, unable to commute or just in too much pain we can help. We offer in-home therapy, we can bring our services to the convenience of your humble abode. We offer in-home physiotherapy, chiropractic care and massage therapy services to help you feel right, right at home!


Comprehensive services List

Visit us for a broad range of services targeted to enrich your life, all under one roof. We pride ourselves on providing you the highest quality in healthcare to help restore and maintain your optimal condition.



Our team of healthcare experts have been selected based on their extensive knowledge and training. Each and every one of our practitioners are fully licensed and qualified to help get you back to your optimal well-being




Advanced Therapeutic Lumbar Alleviation System

Have you tried everything to fix your lower back pain? Our team has a created a revolutionary low back pain program which has helped transform and resurrects the lives of our patients. By following a systematic and heavily research based program, we have set out to change the prognosis for patient’s who are suffering from the debilitating effects of low back pain. If you feel as though you’ve tried everything and are giving up, help is here! Our approach has changed the lives of many and we look forward to getting you back to your life!


weight-loss program

As the Yorkville Sports Medicine team truly works in a collaborative and results driven environment, we have developed a cutting edge weight loss program. We capitalize on the expertise of the many practitioners involved in this program which includes; Personal trainers, physical therapists, Dietitians and naturopathic doctors to help mold your weight loss plan and your body! We will use our proven system and full body approach to set you on the path to successful weight loss. Our secret to success is based on the tenet that we want to help you lose weight and then keep it off by helping you make health a lifestyle. If you want to look better and feel better, this is the place to go.


The Yorkville Sports Medicine Difference


We pride ourselves on providing the top quality care. Each and every day we aspire to provide all of our patients with the highest standard of care. We help achieve this by

  • Integrating your healthcare: Our team regularly collaborates to discuss your condition

  • Relying on the most recent and evidence-based information: Our team actively stays on top of the newest and innovative approaches to healthcare

  • Working with YOU to achieve results: We believe that both the provider and patient are vital to success, by educating and helping you be a part of your health it helps you get better and stay better

  • Providing a state of the art facility: We believe that each and every part of your experience is equally important which is why we have left no stone unturned in helping make our facility one of the premiere designs in all of North America

  • Ensuring fully registered and certified providers: All providers at our facility have the appropriate credentials and must be certified by their respective colleges



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