Nutrigenomic testing

The laws of genetics apply, even if you refuse to learn them


Nutrigenomic Testing

Every person is unique. Nutrigenomic testing gives you a comprehensive and reliable genomic information with the ultimate goal of improving health through personalized nutrition

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Learn your body like never before with individual genetic testing and get your own personal cheat sheet of how your body responds to types of food. We unravel the puzzle for you so you can control your future health

What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutri- (i.e., Nutrition)-genomics (i.e, genetics) is the science that uses DNA components to inform us of the relationship between our genetics, diet, and risk of diseases. It also encompasses the effect of diet on genetic changes.

For decades we were aware that “one size doesn’t fit all”, however, we lacked the tools that allow us to tease apart our unique differences. Thanks to omics technology nowadays we are able a obtained a detailed picture of how the body may react differently to diet and sport This approach is known as “Personalized Nutrition”. Recent nutrigenomics studies have shown that genetics influence the rate of weight loss, the best diet for weight loss/management or even just health and wellness (AKA, fat vs protein vs carbohydrate). It also influences what type of workouts your body respond better to, and how long should your workout last for, and what is the level of your joints and bone health and more.

Nutrigenomics test allows you to examine your body response to:

  1. High Protein diet

  2. Keto diet

  3. High carb diet

  4. Effect of caffeine on cardiometabolic health and sport performance

  5. Eating habits

  6. Body response to endurance, HIIT, and strengthening exercises

  7. Bone health, joint health, and risk of Achilles tendinitis

  8. Risk of nutrient deficiencies important for sports performance and over well-being such as calcium, vitamin D, iron, folate, and B12.

Nutrigenomics and the Gut Microbiome


Nutrigenomics is one side of the coin; the other side is your gut microbiome. Updates in omics research have highlighted an interaction between the genetic, microbiome and the diet, where was one of the key modulators in this relationship. Your genetic is like the manufacture manuals that tell our body how to perform a certain function, release/stop the release of an enzyme, absorbing nutrients, processing food. Microbiome (viruses, bacteria, yeast, protozoa, etc!) are the workers in that factory. Currently, we are not using any microbiome testing, until we find what serves our values, and the message we use dietary record and physical activity routine as a reference for one’s gut microbiome health. Your gut microbiome may fluctuate on a daily basis depending on how your daily diet varies between healthy and not healthy food options, as well as based on the type of food you include in your daily diet. Human shares 99% of their genetics and are different in only 1%. On the other hand, 25% of the gut microbiome is completely different between individuals.

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